We have items you won’t see many other places. Most of our merchandise is handcrafted, handpainted, or handknitted. Our gourmet treats are wholesome and delicious, and cute too!

Below is a small sample of the items in our store.

Art Itself

These designer pet dishes are handcrafted in the USA. Each piece is individually handmade and painted to order. Each piece is signed by the artist. They have standard graphic designs, breed specific designs, and do custom orders. They can paint a pet’s portrait, name or kennel club logo. They can pretty much paint anything as long as it stays within our food safe palette of colors. The dishes are made of stoneware ceramic and are dishwasher safe, microwave safe and (of course) food safe. The most popular designs are the bone patterns for dogs and the mice patterns for cats.

Dog Gone Purrtty

These collars and leashes are stain resistant grosgrain with complimentary nylon webbing on the reverse side. These quality collars and leashes are made in North Carolina.

Doggie Design

This line of Pet clothing offers high end, uniquely designed dog clothes using the highest quality fabrics. All pieces are fully lined and are all original designs.

Lu Lu Jane

Click here to shop our inventory of Lulu Jane online!¬†This upscale, elegant line of pet products was created by Kristine Lauritzen Fellows. After traveling the world as a successful model, and running a successful business in Asia and Australia, she came back to the United States and took her family’s Pet Products company to a whole new level with Lu Lu Jane. The line includes pet carriers with matching handbags, collars, leashes, beds, and a nail polish collection to pamper your pet.


These pet totes combine comfort for your pet and haute couture. Our collection was featured in a column called “That’s Rich” of the Charlotte Observer.

Michael Simon

Click here to shop our inventory of Michael Simon online! Michael Simon is famous designer of womens’ and girls’ apparel. He then began designing pet apparel to match the womens’ apparel lines. You can find Michael Simon apparel for Women and Girls at fine retailers such as Nordstrom’s. The pet apparel line is handknitted.

Puppia World

“Puppia” (puppy utopia) is the unique term coined by the creators of this line. They wanted to create quality pet apparel and not just “T-Shirts” for dogs. The designer’s focus lies in paying attention to details, making sure that the clothes are comfortable and that they fit dogs correctly. Puppia comes from Tokyo, Japan. We carry several jackets, hats, harnesses, and fleece items from this line.

Outward Hound

We carry several items from Outward Hound. From pet wallets, to luxury carriers, to many outdoor items and travel gear, Outward Hound products are sturdy and easy to use.

Blue Handworks

These handmade iron works designs will compliment any decor. We carry cat and dog leash holders, hooks, and much more. And don’t forget to check out the beautiful lanterns that you can place a candle in to light up a room. Unique and wonderful.

Hunky Dory Paper Products

Hunky Dory recognizes the bond between people and the pets they love. The idea was born with Hunky Dory Owner, Stephen Shearer, could not find a card for his cat in a card store that could adequately express his love for her. Mr.Shearer got creative and made his own card instead in 2001, and Hunky Dory Paper Products has been growing ever since.

Tree Free Stationery

Tree Free Stationery combines beautiful graphics with special envelopes and an environmental message that make you want to buy them by the handful. They draw your attention from across a room.

Sherpa Carriers

Gayle Martz made pet travel safety her passion. Sherpa carriers are airline approved for pet travel. They are the leader in style, safety, and comfort for the pet on the go.


These quality “pet lover” accessories are hand made in North Carolina. Each purse is fully lined and features a magnetic clasp.

Austin Coterie

All apparel from Austin Coterie is handknitted. Every sweater is slightly different due the craftsmanship of the manufacturer which adds to each item’s flare and uniqueness. We carry a variety of sweaters, vests, and scarves from this line.

MAX PAWfection

The Max Pawfection line presents a completely unique line of products, both functional and fashionable, with a touch of whimsy. We carry beautiful hand made collars, leashes, beds, and harnesses that come in many colors and sizes. Also with this line are hair accessories for dogs with long hair to wear along with their collar or harness. Theses pieces are handmade.

Highland Graphics

This line features several artists’ work in such pieces as absorbent stone coasters, clocks, trays, tiles, mugs, cutting boards, and dry erase note boards. Each Highland Graphic Artist brings to life something special in each of their animal creations.

Doggie Styles and Kitties Too

We carry a variety of items from this merchant. Pictured are three faux fur coats for dogs. We even carry Chihuahua sizes in these. Leopard is available as well. Fleece sweats are another hot item from this line, so if you’re looking for warmth and comfort, you’re in the right place.

Anne & Jane

Anne & Jane create the cutest sterling silver cat and dog jewelry around. We even have horse jewelry that they create as well. Be sure to browse these cases.

Pet Aromatics

Aromatic says it all. We have six scents in the Pet Aromatic line which are complete with In-Between-Bath Spritz and scented candles. Scents we keep in stock are Bow Wow Bouquet, Canine Coconut, Rose Petal Pooch, Woody Woof, Honeysuckle Hound, and Dew Drop Doggie. Honeysuckle Hound is our best seller.

Wild Bryde

This merchant crafts beautiful gold plated cat, dog, and horse related jewelry. Very unique bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.

KC Creations

These breed specific wall plaques, key/leash holders, andshelf sitters look adorable where ever they sit, on the corner of a door, or holding leashes on the way out of the house.

Stevens Linen

The linens are animal themed decor made from fibers found in the woody stem of the flax plant. They are more absorbent than cotton. They are resistant to both mildew and moths.

Porcelain Garden

Lithophanes were first created in France in 1827. Lithophane literally means “vision in stone.” It was discovered that a three dimensional image could be produced when shining light through engraved porcelain. Lithophanes are so life-like, they are often mistaken for photographs.


What is a Snoozle? A snoozle is a machine washable, reversible, couture dog bandanna worn by discriminating pups. Snoozles are contoured to fit smoothly around the neck. Snoozles are themed for every occasion.

Kingsheart Forge

We carry picture frames, ornaments, and stained glass window art from this line. The Treasured Pets picture frames and ornaments are beautifully made with solid brass filigree and finished in 24-karat gold for lasting beauty. The frames and ornaments come in many breeds. The Tiffany Tails Stained Glass Collectibles are available in many dog and cat styles, and are individually handcrafted by master craftsmen in the classic Tiffany Style. They are hand cut from richly colored art glass to capture the “true-to-breed” form, coat colors, and charming expression of each breed. Everything from Kingsheart Forge makes a great gift.