We keep our pantry full of nutritious food and treats for your furry friends. We specialize in high-quality pet foods.

Wellness and Merrick are our preferred foods which we order weekly to have in stock for our customers. Both foods are all natural with no food coloring or preservatives, made in the USA and have not been subjected to any “recalls”!

Healthy pets are our goal!

We also stock many treats for your pets including: Wellbar Treats, Old Mother Hubbard, Zukes, Cloud Star, & Merrick all natural bones and chews!


Wellness was created by the Old Mother Hubbard Company to help pets live longer, happier and healthier lives. The veterinarians who created Wellness understood the connection between your pet’s diet and your pet’s health. Wellness Foods also offers a line of single-ingredient foods that are excellent for managing food allergies. The ingredients of Wellness products were carefully thought out to ensure homemade quality and taste.

Wellbar Treats by Wellness

Wellbars have become a popular and nutritious choice for health conscious humans. Human Grade Wellbar Dog Treats are formulated to help dogs live long, healthy lives just like the Wellness food. They are perfectly nutritionally balanced to complement your dog’s regular diet. We carry Peanut & Honey, Yogurt, Apples & Bananas, and Atlantic Whitefish & Sweet Potato.


A great secret in all-natural dog foods, but it’s becoming more and more popular. It has been named Low Glycemic Pet Food of the Year for both 2005 & 2006, and has great flavors in both wet and dry food, such as Grammy’s Pot Pie, Turducken, Cowboy Cookout, Puppy Plate, Senior Medley, Wilderness Blend and their newest addition — Campfire Trout Feast! We have a great variety of samples, and often special promotions for the great Merrick treats, such as Texas Toothpicks, Bully Sticks, and the new Doggie Sausages!

Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits

The founders of Cloud Star created Buddy Biscuits as a wholesome treat to give to their shelter-adopted puppy who has a very sensitive stomach, many food allergies, and is a finicky eater. The original formula with the help of many grateful tasters, has blossomed into a company whose mission is to provide pets with tasty and wholesome products. Cloud Star products are all natural.

Old Mother Hubbard

We carry lots of tasty treats for your pets. Like Wellness, Old Mother Hubbard treats are made with the finest ingredients and are nutritious for your pets.