Come in and have your dog or cat professionally groomed by Kessla!

Our groomer works in conjunction with Waxhaw Animal Hospital, as part of our special relationship, which is why we are so easily able to offer special services for our mutual clients, such as sedation grooming, early drop-offs, grooming after boarding stays, plus arranging grooming around your veterinary appointments, or any other special need you may have.

We at Reigning Cats & Dogs are committed to bring the highest quality of grooming to our area, offering very personalized attention to our clients and the furry faces we love to see each day.

We schedule our grooms by appointment, and are able to call you when your little (or big) one is ready — or they may stay in our special care longer for your day out. We tend to book appointments 1-2 weeks in advance, so call today for an appointment time. Your companion will usually be spending about two hours with us for the full treatment, but the time will vary according to the type of dog or cat and the needs of each individual pet.

Sedation Grooming is available if absolutely necessary. We are right across the street from Waxhaw Animal Hospital, and can arrange for our groomer to use their facility and be under a doctor’s supervision for special cases. Please call well in advance, as we need to coordinate not only our schedule, but the hospital’s as well.

Prices do vary by breed. Call our store (704) 243-1946 for more information.


The Pampered Pet Wash for all cats and dogs will include washing & conditioning with our superior hair and skin care products, hand blow-drying, brushing & a special technique of de-shedding your pet (they will not shed in the house for quite a while!). We always take care of their nails, ears, and bottoms, and spruce them up with cologne, bows, and/or bandanas. **This will be the main groom for many short-haired dogs, and the results are incredible!!

The Puppy Intro Groom will give your puppy a chance to get used to the grooming process, with the complete spa bath, and a little bit of trimming to wean them in. All puppies (and all other animals) must have completed their vaccination schedule and have their bordatella up to date prior to the date of the appointment.

The Full Groom for the dog with longer, thicker, or styled hair starts with the same wonderful spa bath process, and continues with trimming, shaving, or styling as per standard or special request.

The Maintenance Plan is for those who have a styled haircut that need to keep it in good shape — we will do special maintenance trimming with the spa bath every other month in rotation with the full groom to help keep the full groom lasting longer. Many dogs and cats will qualify for a maintenance plan — ask us more about it.

The PURRfect Cat needs a bath with a comb-out — this is the same spa bath, but then our groomer will comb-out the mattes and trim up as needed, leaving Fluffy nice and fluffy!

The Lion Cut is for those cats who have a lot of mattes, or whose parents want them to look like the King Lion — our groomer will help you decide if this will be best.

Quick Services are available often for a nail trim or nail dremel.

Toothbrushing service by our groomer will use our Oxyfresh Pet Gel and Oral Hygeine Solution (you will get a pet toothbrush that you can take home) — add this on to any grooming visit!